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Iowa Livestock Trailer Wash

Agri-Zone Truck Wash

We know all about cleaning livestock trailers. After all, we built the Agri-Zone Truck Wash and Iowa Livestock Trailer Wash on our family farm!

Back in 2005 we started construction on  our truck wash. In 2008 we decided to open to the public and share our truck wash with folks like you.

Our self serve wash out facility is equipped with a hot water pressure washer, 1½” high volume flush hose and we have wood chips available on site. All new lighting was installed in 2019. There is rarely a wait, or line. Our farm location offers easy in and easy out access. Stop by for a wash next time you’re in the area. Hog trailers, cattle trailers, poultry trailers are all handled easily in our Iowa livestock trailer wash facility. Remember Agri-Zone Truck Wash when you need a wash!

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Iowa Livestock Trailer Wash

Agri-Zone Truck Wash

Hog Trailers • Cattle Trailers • Poultry Trailers


Agri-Zone Iowa Livestock Trailer Wash & Truck Wash is a hidden gem, located on our family farm, off the beaten path in Geneva, Iowa and we’re worth the trip! There is very seldom a line or a wait at Agri-Zone Truck Wash. We’re a self service truck wash built for livestock trailer washout and cleaning. Stop by and wash your hog, cattle or poultry trailer. Since we’re a self service truck wash, you can do as much or as little as you want. A quick rinse or a full scrub down; it’s totally up to you. The best thing about Agri-Zone Truck Wash is our price, just $60! If you need wood chips, we have them available for an additional cost. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, save yourself some $$ and swing by our farm and give the Agri-Zone Truck Wash a try!


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Truck Wash

Livestock Trailer Washout

$60 per wash (plus tax).

Wood chips additional fee

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  • Iowa Livestock Trailer Wash
  • Hog Trailers
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  • Self Serve Wash
  • Easy In & Out
  • $60 Per Wash

We’re Expanding Our Facility

We’re adding a Slurrystore System to our property.

This above-ground positive containment structure is engineered to the highest standards. With greater environmental concern and stricter governmental regulations on the horizon, it is clearly the best choice for environmentally sound manure management.

The Slurrystore® structure is designed to be an integral part of our Slurrystore system in which, using state-of-the-art pumps and agitation systems, manure handling is nearly 100% “hands off” automated.

Slurry Store Wastewater Storage
Slurry Store Wastewater Storage
Slurry Store Wastewater Storage

Agri Zone
Truck Wash
Iowa Livestock Trailer Wash

We all know what happens to your trailers when hauling livestock. They make one helluva mess. Doesn’t matter if you haul cattle, hogs, or any other kind of animal. You can’t haul around a filthy trailer. What’s the answer? Agri-Zone Truck Wash is the answer! Save yourself some cash and get that livestock trailer clean here. Agri-Zone Truck Wash is a self-service livestock trailer washout facility on our farm in Geneva, Iowa. We have the equipment and supplies you need to get your trailer cleaned up in no time. There is almost never a wait here at Agri-Zone so you minimize your down time. Next time you’re in the area, why not give Agri-Zone a try. We think you’ll like it.

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Aerial View of Our Farm Showing Truck Wash Building

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Agri-Zone is a regular stop for me. Nice facility and convenient access.

– Bill Smith –

This was my first time here. I'll definitely be back next time through the area.

– Wes Trackly –

Worth the trip. Saved some $$

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